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Why you have to choose WPC decking?

Wood Plastic Composite decking or WPC decking is a combination of synthetic materials or recycled plastic and natural wood. These materials blend to form products of high performance with an impeccable finishing. WPC boards have outperformed plywood and natural wood, thus resulting in its high popularity. At Exterio, we provide the best WPC decking in UAE. The quality of these material has led to its increased use in even construction sector. The durability of the WPC decking and the strength has made it the best choice of people.

Merits of WPC Decking:

Now that you have formed a basic idea about WPC decking, let’s look at some of the reasons for its popularity:

  • Durability- the major reason for the popularity is its high durability. It is one of the most sought-after quality for decking. These are not at all influenced by the environmental factors such as humidity, rainfall, snow etc. The convenience to use WPC decking and the use of conventional tools to mend them at times are also its advantages. Providing the best WPC decking in Dubai, we have ensured quality to our customers.
  • Cost effective and low maintenance- though it may seem to be a little costly during the beginning, it lasts for years. These materials never compromise in quality and therefore requires little or no maintenance. It need not be replaced often as it will not get damaged. The installation of WPC decking is easy and requires less effort. Thus, WPC decking is the best choice for a cost-effective solution.
  • Environment friendly- since the material is bio-degradable, it can be easily recycled. It can be recycled with materials such as agricultural, wood and plastic items. They can also be reused and they are even available with a buy back guarantee.
  • Varied applications- the versatility of WPC wood enables it to be utilised for many purposes. They can be used as exterior furniture and also inside the house. Furthermore, they are used in making garden furniture, landscape objects, facades and flowerpots. Exterio has the best outdoor furniture in UAE that comes in various designs.
  • Resists moisture- while conventional materials were not resistant to moisture, WPC woods are moisture resisting materials. Because of this quality, they can be used for more purposes other than outdoor applications. These materials will be suitable to be used in kitchen and bathroom as there are chances of high moisture in kitchen and bathroom.
  • Resists termites- a major issue with majority of woods is that it is prone to termites and deteriorates easily. But theses make up great termite proof furniture. Thus, it is a perfect replacement of natural wood. Therefore, it also makes a good choice for outdoor uses. We grow as the best WPC decking in UAE, and provide our clients the best outdoor solutions.
  • Resists UV rays- WPC boards are available in different colours. The advantage of these boards is that their colour will not fade away due to the sun rays. Since they are UV resistance, they are best suitable for exterior applications.
WPC Decking in Dubai