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Wonderful Ways to Shade your Balcony

Balcony is a special place in every home that gives rise to some worthy moments and quality time. It is the best spot to relax and to get refreshed. Even if we want to spend some time outdoors, the balcony is a great spot. If it has shading, the balcony can be useful in all the weathers. At Exterio, we provide the best pergola in Dubai . The scorching heat of the sun will not be a problem in summer to sit in our open balconies, if it has proper shading. One of the benefits of providing shading is that your balconies look more beautiful and welcoming if you provide appropriate shading. Let us take a look at some of the shading methods that can provide appropriate shading as well as enhance the beauty of the balconies:


Pergolas are beautiful ways of shading the balcony. It is an arched structure that consists of a framework covered with climbers. They are mostly seen in parks and gardens. Nowadays, they are widely seen in balconies of homes. Pergolas are an effective way to shade the balcony. While it creates shading, it also allows for light and warmth to pass through it. Being the best providers of pergola in UAE , we provide our customers with immense options to choose from. In addition to providing functional benefits, pergola gives an aesthetic look to the overall view of the balcony. Exterio’s modern pergolas are adaptive to all types of lifestyle. The pergolas we provide are of wood, wpc, aluminium, or metal frame. There are countless options so that you can tailor pergolas according to your wish.


An interesting method to provide shade for balconies is by the installation of awnings. This provides more than shade as it is a wonderful piece of material that serves as an attractive piece. An interesting factor is that awnings are available in a variety of patterns, materials and colours. This gives an option to choose awnings that complement the outdoor setting like furniture and other decorations. Some tips when shopping for awnings is that you should make sure to purchase retractable awnings so that they can be properly stored when they are not used. Be careful to shop for awnings that resists the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Umbrellas or Parasols

Among the various methods of shading, fixing an umbrella for shade is the least expensive way to create a shaded area without obstructing the balcony view. Thus the openness of the space will not be compromised. It should be noted that the umbrella has good strength to withstand the strong winds. Also it should be noted that the umbrella should be folded if there is a chance of precipitation. When purchasing a parasol, be clear about the size you need, style, features etc. We provide outdoor patio umbrellas that include special features. It is beneficial as the sun moves throughout the day and you will have the option to tilt the umbrella. At Exterio, we provide the best outdoor furniture in Dubai . We work on creating beautiful outdoor spaces that provide a rich ambience to your place.

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