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Why we Need Beach or Café Umbrella?

It is very common to see umbrellas in beaches and cafes. They are widely used to give comfort to the clients. These umbrellas will prevent us from UV rays. It is a much-needed option for those who want to read and rest comfortably on the beach. Similarly, it is a best option for those who want to stay outdoors in a café and doesn’t want to be on direct sunlight. These are one of the best ways to deal with sun’s heat when we are out doors. Exterio is a leading umbrella supplier in UAE to provide best quality products.

There is no doubt that, we have to deal with the UV rays. Sun’s rays have their benefits and harms. We get vast majority of our body’s Vitamin D from the sunlight. It has positive effects on out psychology and it also plays a major role in improving our immune system. Also, we must be careful when we are getting exposed to the sun’s heat at the noon time, because it is severe at this time. Café or beach umbrellas become important as it reveal certain negative effects on our body. Exterio is the leading company to provide beach umbrellas in UAE that are excellent in quality and durability.

Harmful Effects of Sun Light

The usage of umbrellas is important to the harmful effects that we get from the sun’s heat. Here are few important negative impacts due to sunlight;

  • Serious sunburn can cause skin cancer.
  • Being in the sun for long time will cause great damage to our skin and eyes.
  • Taking sunbathing for more than 15-20 minutes can cause sun spots.
  • UV lights will result in causing skin aging, it will intensely damage collagen and other tissues in the skin.
  • It will cause wrinkles and blemishes.
  • Different medical researches shows that a little bit of exposure of your eyes to sunlight may cause eye damage such as cataract, pterygium, pinguecula, etc. Therefore, it is very important to protect our skin and eyes from UV rays.

Beach Umbrellas as Saviour

Beach umbrellas or café umbrellas act as saviours to deal with the difficult situations caused due to the effects of sunlight. This will let you to enjoy sea, sand and sun in these wonderful summers. Even though these kinds of umbrellas appear most frequently in the beaches, they are seen in the cafes, houses with gardens, apartments. Exterio is the leading brand to provide café umbrellas in UAE that are suitable for different types of café setups and makes your business to look beautiful.

People are not just using this to get protection from the sun, but also to gain protection from rain that may suddenly appear. Nobody would like to go home wet after diving in the sea or pool. They can lie under the umbrellas and let them dry. When talking about the umbrellas, its size and shape also matters as it needs to provide us enough shade space under the sun.

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