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Unconventional Furniture – Let’s Take it Outside

Street furniture plays a major role in defining the urban spaces. These are highly responsible in making the streets functional and look attractive. The streetscape also known as urban landscape or urban space is where people usually meet and socializes. This is an age-old practice seen through generations. As the time passes, there came requirements for the upgrading of these places. Street furniture is actually a collective term used for objects and pieces of equipment that are installed along streets and road for different purposes. Exterio is the leading company to deal with outdoor furniture in Dubai.

Different Types of Street Furniture

As the street furniture is a broad term there are many things coming under it. Few of them are benches, traffic barriers, bollards, post boxes, street lamps, play equipment, cycle racks, litter bins, planter box, etc. The design and placement of these external furniture will take into account regarding aesthetics, visual identity, its functions, regarding pedestrian and also road safety. For example, outdoor benches or other street furniture can be placed to control overspill parking in addition to the primary use with it. Exterio is dealing with high quality outdoor furniture that are highly durable. Thus, became the best team to provide outdoor furniture in UAE.


Bollards are the short poles, posts or any sort of pillars that are placed so as to prevent vehicle movement into those areas. This will help in protecting buildings and other site features.


These are usually found in central parts of different settlements like plazas and parks. They are often provided as a place to rest and also so to sit and admire views. There are also benches provided with armrest for avoiding unwanted closeness. It can be intended as hostile architecture.

Play Equipment

There are a number of play equipment and other exercise equipment that are kept in public parks. These are meant for people to enjoy their leisure time. With excellence in providing different outdoor equipment, Exterio is the best company to provide street furniture in Dubai.

Cycle Racks

There are cycle racks that can be kept on the streets for the convenience of cyclers. This will help them to keep their bicycles arranged in a proper place. Moreover, it will be helpful for other people in the streets as cycles will not be parked here and there on the streets.

Litter Bins

Litter bins, also known as garage cans will be kept strategically for enticing people into not littering on the streets. Other than the function, it will also act at an adorable thing on the streets when kept beautifully with beautiful designs.

Planter Box

There are also planter boxes and other related apparatus available with Exterio. This is used for keeping some plant life and landscaping on the streets. With different varieties and high quality of artificial grasses, Exterio has become the best supplier of artificial grass in Dubai. Artificial grass installation services and other landscaping services are also provided by the team of Exterio designers.

Street Furniture in Dubai