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    Street furniture is an essential element in a society. An organised society will have adequate street furniture that adds beauty to the street. More than the element of beauty, the usefulness of these furniture is what makes street furniture more important. Street furniture in Dubai can now be made more elegant by choosing Exterio. Today, a variety of modern furniture have begun to attract people. Let us look at some street furniture that enhance the look of the city and add a utility element:

    Benches: among the various street furniture, benches are a necessity. They are essential because we can think of the relief we get when we sit after walking continuously for some time. It provides relief to the pedestrians and rejuvenates them. Exterio has a number of different types of benches to choose from. It also creates interaction among various people thus building a social relationship. Our street furniture in UAE is notable for the diversity in designs and types. There are benches made of wood, metal or plastic. These seats are equally important for both the youngsters and the elderly.

    Planters: getting a beautiful atmosphere is not a difficult task. Using planters, anyone can create beautiful spaces. When planning a city, one should also consider how to make it look pretty. Planters are the best things that can be used for this purpose. You can place planters anywhere in the street in order as they are sure to uplift the overall look of the place. We have a variety of planters varying in shapes and sizes. Choosing the best outdoor furniture in Dubai is made simpler by Exterio. Customised arrangement of these planters can be done according to colour theme, variety mixes and so on. Planters can be put into use anywhere such as in your homes, shopping malls, offices, restaurants, residential complexes etc.

    Cycle racks: cycle racks are useful in different places such as in colleges, schools, residential complexes, corporate buildings, etc. Since many people, including the old and young, resort to cycling to maintain their fitness or to travel from one place to another, cycle racks are an important piece of furniture. It is a necessity. Exterio’s cycle racks are made of high quality stainless steel that will last for a long time. The design of the rack is suitable to be employed in any kind of atmosphere.

    Litter bins: every society that gives importance to cleanliness will definitely use litter bins, especially in busy places, streets, parks etc. most bins are designed in such a way that people find it convenient to use as well as it will be easy to empty the contents of the bin. It not only helps to keep the streets clean, but also prevents insects from feeding on the waste thus creating a clean atmosphere. It also helps in protecting the environment from the plastic waste, which if littered, causes danger to nature. These litter bins are more useful in places such as the beachside where there will be many people and chances to litter the surroundings are more.