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Six Factors to Think Over While Installing Awnings for Your Business

Awnings are excellent investments for your company since they can benefit both you and your customers. Awnings placed near your business's entrances, windows, or patio covers increase foot traffic and revenue. Exterio is offering best quality products for shading in Dubai.

This does not imply, however, that all business awning models are appropriate for your requirements. The decision you make must therefore take into account a number of considerations. To get you started, we'll discuss a few things in this blog:


You must specify the awning's principal function and purpose in order to select the appropriate awning. Typically, you can utilise it to provide shade, create a covered area where you can sell your goods, or even extend your shop. Therefore, speaking with a business awning supplier who can help you select the ideal product is always advised. Regardless of its aim, it's also a good idea to make sure that it will abide by local regulations. With a wide range of products, Exterio is popular for bringing best shading in UAE.


For many individuals, colours can mean different things. For instance, orange is a popular colour in fast-food and toy shops because it appeals to children with its warm, happy tint. Similarly, pink is a colour associated with tenderness and caring; as a result, spas and other beauty and cosmetic industries utilise it to attract their target market. It's also crucial to remember that picking the right awning colour will help you stand out, enhance your company, and draw in more customers.

In addition to color, selecting the appropriate logos, designs, and other branding elements is crucial to the success of your company.


As was already mentioned, the architecture of the structure and its main use define the awning styles. The stylistic element is important if you are aware of how nicely your awnings fit the rest of your building. You can experiment with several designs, such as dome, waterfall, or semi-circular awnings, and decide which one best meets your needs. In addition, one must take into account the size of the goods they wish to cover as well as the available area. With different sorts of exterior furniture solutions, Exterio is bringing best outdoor furniture in UAE.


Your outdoor awning's future effectiveness is frequently impacted by the angle at which it was installed. As a result, awnings should be at least 65 to 75 percent the size of windows facing east or west, as most installers advise.


You have three alternatives for material when buying an awning for your company: polyester composite and vinyl, cotton mix canvas, and acrylic fabric. The kind of material you use for your awning can have a significant impact on how much heat it can contain and, as a result, how well it functions. Therefore, be sure to select the appropriate awning material for your needs.

Flexible or Fixed

Even this variable changes from business to business once again. The choice of whether to use a fixed or retractable awning is totally up to the business. Yes, both can shield your customers' belongings from the sun and other elements. A fixed awning doesn't move throughout the year, however, a retractable awning can be extended and retracted as needed. Exterio is dealing with the best quality and different varieties of awnings in UAE.

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