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    The indoor thermal comfort of a building depends on several factors which include the prevailing climatic conditions, site location, building orientation and building materials used. All these factors, if not appropriately considered in the building design, can result to discomfort for the occupants and or increased energy consumption in a bid to reach optimal comfortable conditions. Many individuals take for granted having a balcony in their home or flat. On a hot day, it might be an excellent place to rest in the sun or enjoy a refreshing breeze. However, the sun can be a little too powerful at times. Exterio’s suggestions will also improve the privacy of your balcony. We provide standard shading in Dubai. Shade comes in a variety of structures, styles, and sizes. We have different balcony shading alternatives. As a result, in hot climates effects our room temperature such as appropriate building orientation adequate sizing of openings proper location of openings careful selection of glazing properties, and appropriate solar protection using sun shading are required to eliminate solar radiation penetration into buildings and home. Umbrellas, and awnings are ideal in hot areas for controlling solar heat gains in buildings by intercepting unnecessary sun rays, particularly during overheated periods. Exterio must be carefully built and angled to provide maximum shade during warm hours in order to minimize heat gain and maximize solar heat gain. Shading properties play an essential role in reflecting or admitting solar radiation into the building.

    Design your shade To Elevate Your home

    We are the top umbrella supplier Dubai. It determining the ideal shading devices design in dealing with proper appropriation of shading materials. Good shading properties and shading tools performance can significantly affect the building’s heat prevention. The most effective solar shading pro are exterior to the building envelope. Shades and blinds located inside the building may be effective at controlling glare, but are not effective in reducing the light gain entering the space. Consider light-colored surfaces on shading devices such as overhangs, louvers, or light shelves. These light surfaces can help bounce diffuse sunlight into the building. Diffuse daylight is ideal for providing lighting without glare. Sustainable Design Guide Consider a deep exterior wall section that can be used to self-shade the window surfaces with overhangs. We provide awnings in Dubai. Choosing or designing an optimal sun shading system is not an easy task. Inside systems are cheap, but they do not prevent overheating. If controlled manually, most people close them as soon as the sunlight is annoying and forget to open them when the sunlight disappears. It results that they are in the closed position not only during sun hours but also during most part of the overcast sky hours. When daylight is really needed. Outside systems prevent overheating very well, but they have to be very robust and to be mechanically controlled. Therefore most products in this category are very expensive. But you can choose Exterio we will always be with your dream.