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Wood Plastic Composite Decking

Our Outdoor decking with it’s features & benefits of termite & water resistance, easy installation & maintenance, environmental friendly & aesthetically so close to real timber suggesting it’s the ideal product for the out-door decking various applications..
Exterio outdoor decking with widest ranges of decking choices in terms of budgetary prices, colour finishes & sizes, in order to meet the customers needs.

Hardwood Decking
Outdoor Flooring

Hardwood decking

Hardwood decking is a hugely popular choice, made by people across the board, for decks big and small, with budgets big and small. Typically made from the likes of teak, Ipe, iroko etc. it’s a completely natural product that is the result of years and years of growth. Seen by many as the only ‘real’ decking option, hardwood decking timber does call for a tiny bit more maintenance than composite decking but is well worth the extra effort. Some of the best hardwood options are;
1. TEAK - When people think about hardwood decking, one of the first woods that comes to mind tends to be teak. This is probably because early decks were typically made from teak. A really stable wood that has great resistance to moisture, it’s easy to see why teak was the hardwood decking material of choice for such a long time.
2. IPE - Typically coming from one of the South American continent countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia or Peru, ipe is really appealing due to its interesting olive colouration. Exceptionally resistant to insect infestation and fungi, it’s recognised as a really tough option. A hardwood that darkens as it matures, it’s particularly suited to sunny exposure and won’t disappoint.
3. IROKO - Hailing most commonly from the east and west coasts of Africa, Iroko is a stylish and affordable hardwood decking choice. Looking very much like teak, iroko boasts an irregular grain and a course texture and mellows with age. Particularly suited to anyone who likes the idea of a deck that changes colour over time.

Artificial Grass
Outdoor Flooring

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is material that is made of synthetic, man-made fibers that look like real grass. The synthetic grass blades are green and come in different pile heights. It is constructed in the same way that carpet is made. It has a solid backing and then the blades are machine stitched on. Most new artificial grass that is being produced today also weaves in a brown thatch that mimics the look of dead grass that you would see on a real grass lawn. Artificial grass applications are
1. Sports Applications
2. Residential Landscape
3. Commercial Landscape

Artificial grass offers many benefits for the consumer :-
1. It saves both money and time
2. It is an excellent landscaping option
3. Doesn’t require any water compared to natural grass
4. It lasts 20 or more years creating a forever lawn whereas real grass die
5. No maintenance
6. Landscapers are no longer required because artificial grass doesn’t grow
7. Easy to install
8. Elimination of lawn mowers and reduces the emission released to atmosphere
9. UV resistant coating
10. Toxic free

Outdoor Flooring


The Pedestal system creates a gap between the floor and underlying membrane, allowing the passage of pipes (such as plumbing and electrical) and allocation of any equipment, while retaining ease of access. Adjustable pedestals are a system for laying outdoor tiles and paving slabs without the need for grout or adhesive; using the weight of the tiles to hold everything in place.

Our pedestal system is for raised floors with self-levelling, anti-slip etc. Widely being used around the world, the patented slope-correcting pedestal design compensates for a substrate fall of 0 to 5% gradient to provide a perfectly level floor finish. Our pedestal system can be used with tiles, pavers, and timber decking to create raised floors on green roofs, balconies, water features and terraces. With capability of accommodating different heights, it ensures elegant, homogeneous paving each time, without having radical structural work.

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