Multipod Pedestals, Australian Pedestals in Dubai

Multipod International Pedestals System

Upgrade from traditional paving to a Multipod pedestal system that is dynamic, easier to install, and built to last.

The Multipod is versatile and NATA-tested for strength and durability. Use with tiles, pavers, and timber decking to create raised surfaces on balconies, water features and terraces. The best part, Skip the process of scoping out any radical structural work that needs to be done on buildings. Get straight to the installation with little fuss and time.

A System Built For Convenience

  • Install Without Glue, No Grout Required
  • Accommodates Pipes, Conduit and Cables etc
  • Seamless Entry and Exit
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Dead Level

A System Built to Endure

  • Anti-slip Technology
  • Weather-resistance
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Superior Water Drainage
  • Thermal insulation

Designed and Tested for Quality

  • Proudly AustralianOwned
  • Designed in Melbourne
  • NATA tested for Strength
  • Fast Install(Ergonomically/Aesthetically Designed)
  • No TALC Additive
  • Patented Globally
  • Recyclable