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    Floor tiling is a term that is generically used to describe any finish material that applied over the floor structure. There are different types of materials used for flooring. The purpose with the floor tiling is to get a good and levelled beautiful space for living. Apart from giving a good finished surface, these floors must have good damp resistance. Flooring is given to both interior and exterior surfaces based on the requirements. By providing best services for flooring, Exterio is a leading company to design and create excellent flooring in Dubai .

    Different Types of Flooring

    There are a number of kinds of flooring used for floors based on their location and expected purposes. This includes wood floor, parquet floor, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, linoleum flooring, stone and tile flooring, textile flooring, etc. All these kinds of flooring are used to meet the purpose expected with the space. Flooring will add to the look of each space and it is meant to make the space more convenient to use. People choose from wide range of flooring products to make their properties feel convenient and look comfortable. With this, Exterio is a leading company to provide good quality flooring in UAE .

    Residential Flooring

    Residential flooring are of much importance as it add to the beauty of the interior spaces. This is the space where we spend quality time with our family, our children play and grow. We may have a lot of fond memories with our floors. Thus, the flooring of a residential space is an important area in its construction. Thus, we aim to create flooring that will make your spaces more convenient to use. Exterio will create flooring of different types that meets its purpose to a good extend. With over thousands of satisfied clients across Middle-east, Exterio is the leading company to provide best interior flooring in Dubai.

    Commercial Flooring

    In the commercial spaces also, the flooring plays an important role in the look and feel of the building. It adds a lot to the beauty of the commercial flooring. The flooring of commercial spaces could be ordinary or luxury depending upon the purpose expected with the space. Other than the flooring, there are a number of outdoor options like patio, umbrellas, ceiling, cladding, etc. provided by Exterio. By providing different types of options in flooring and exterior designing, Exterio is a leading name in exterior designing in Dubai .

    Bringing High Quality Flooring Solutions

    There are a number of flooring options available in every nook and corner. But, many of them fail to maintain the quality of the products and services. Exterio has always gained satisfaction of customers and has become a best possible option for customers in UAE.