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    Artificial grasses are now widely used for both residential and commercial purposes. Due to many benefits, artificial grasses has become a popular option over the natural grasses. Moreover, it has also become a major part in the lawns adding to the exterior beauty of the buildings. You can now increase the beauty and safety of your residential playground with synthetic grasses. Exterio is providing best kinds of synthetic grasses and that are suitable for different varieties purposes. With the popularity in exterior designing, Exterio is the leading company to provide artificial grass in Dubai.

    Few locations are as exciting or crazy as a neighbourhood playground. Youngsters adore going outside to run, jump, swing, and play games to burn off their excess energy. Someone is always going to fall or scrape a knee on the ground, no matter how hard you work to make their experience enjoyable and safe.

    Despite their greatest efforts, parents and other adult guardians cannot always be present to catch their children as they fall. In these cases, hiring the crew from Exterio to install synthetic grass on your backyard playground can be worthwhile. By maintaining the quality of artificial grasses, Exterio is the leading company to provide artificial grass in UAE.

    Why Is Natural Grass Unsuitable For Playgrounds?

    Is there anything prettier on a lovely spring day than a well-kept lawn? Probably not if you are a home owner! Natural green grass has a beautiful aesthetic appeal, but it doesn't really help kids in the important aspects. These are a few justifications for putting artificial grass as opposed to real grass.

    • Safety - Although natural grass is beautiful, it is uneven, un-cushioned, and extremely slick when wet. Youngsters are already unruly, thus an accident only needs to occur from one slip.
    • Bad Aesthetics - As natural grass dies around the areas that kids utilise the most, it becomes bare, dead, and hardened. Uneven terrain can quickly harm children.
    • Allergens- Last but not least, playing on natural grass exposes kids to risks like pollen allergies, poisonous plants, insects, and unseen holes in the ground. Artificial grass that has been placed by experts can greatly reduce these problems. The artificial grasses of Exterio are especially made to meet the demand of ideal lawns. Other than this, Exterio is bringing innovative ideas in different things like patio furniture in Dubai.

    Natural grass is great for our lawns and business buildings, but it's not the most attractive option for playgrounds and other places where kids are frequently present.

    What Is Artificial Grass?

    Artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Masters can address a variety of playground-related issues by replicating the appearance and feel of genuine grass. Synthetic grass introduces a soft, easy-to-clean, long-lasting material that doesn't fade in the sunlight, making it one of the most affordable and practical alternatives to grass.

    Advantages of artificial grass
    • Safer Surface: Compared to natural grass, artificial grass is far more shock-absorbing. In the event that kids fall, especially from a height, artificial grass provides a safer surface because it is supported by cushioning.
    • Durable Material: Synthetic grass is made of a material that won't fade in the sun or need continual hydration or sustenance. For busy playgrounds, synthetic grass is the ideal "hands off" option. Exterio also provides other durable materials like WPC decking in Dubai.